Water conservation is an important step to manage our water supply and stretch it through the dry season. Water conservation is also required by Washington State Department of Health through the adoption of the Water Use Efficiency Rule. WAC 246-290-100(4). This rule requires water utilities to set goals for water efficiency and to report on the status of achieving the goals each year by July 1st. In Redmond, we publish the program results in our Water Quality Report.

How to Save Water & Money
Save Money & Water

A frequently asked question 'How does my water use compare to my neighbor's?' requires that a number of variables be considered such as number of people in the house, age of appliances, long or short showers, a lot of outdoor use or not, or are the folks even at home during parts of the year.

To get an idea of how much water you use, you can go to a great interactive website from the California Urban Water Conservation Council - House Water Saver Home -  to calculate what you use, and to think about ways you can save.

The following websites are excellent choices to help you learn how to conserve and protect our drinking water supply: