Water System Operations

Meters & Leaks

Our Water System Operations staff install and read water meters, locate and repair leaks in the city's system and maintain other system components. We can provide assistance in locating your water meter, reading your own meter, water shut-off for emergencies, diagnosing pressure problems, and advise for tracking down system leaks. Property owners are responsible for maintenance and repair of the service line from the meter to the home or business.

Our water meter readers are often seen working throughout our neighborhoods and business district. They read residential meters (bi-monthly) and commercial meters (monthly), then send this information to Utility Billing for processing. The readers also install and repair meters, do final reads for billing, shut-offs, meter turn-on and other service orders.

Contact:  425-556-2800

Water Quality Operations
Water Quality

The Water Quality staff monitors and tests the source waters for the groundwater system, and operates water production facilities. They sample and test for water purity daily throughout the entire distribution system to assure compliance with federal, state, and local requirements.
The staff also handle all cross connection control and backflow prevention issues. A cross connection is a physical connection between fresh drinking water piping and any piping containing undesirable or contaminated liquids. An example of a possible cross connection would be a homeowner's irrigation system. This issue is resolved by installing a backflow preventer. Backflow devices must be tested upon installation, and annually thereafter.

The city's Cross Connection Control Program mails out reminder letters annually to all homeowners that need to have their devices tested. This is a simple procedure performed by any State Certified Backflow Assembly Tester. A local list can be found here: State Certified Assembly Backflow Testers.

You can verify a tester’s certification by name or certification number on the following website: Backflow Assembly Tester Certification Verification.

If you have questions about if you need a cross connection control inspection, please contact the city.

:  425-556-2800

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