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Preschool - Elementary Programs

King County – Preschool & Kindergarten Program
Read a story about waste reduction and recycling to your preschool or kindergarten students. Both books include discussion questions and extension activities. Free to Pre-Schools and Kindergartens in King County.

  • “Tikli’s Nose” tells the story of a young troll named Tikli and her adventures in the human world. After seeing all the waste that people create, she shows them how much of it can be avoided or reused.
  • “Adventures with Zeela” tells the story of Zeela of the planet Zergatroid and her trip to Earth. During her visit, she learns of ways to reduce waste and conserve resources and is taken on a tour of a paper recycling plant by a class that befriends her.
Contact: Donna Miscolta 206-296-4477 or donna.miscolta@kingcounty.gov

King County Elementary School Programs
"Our Planet, R Choices" NEW 2010 School Assembly, Workshops & Green Team Assistance - Schools can request a FREE assembly program with classroom workshops or assistance with a Green Team project.

Select up to 3 Workshops (mix and match)
  • Primary Grades 1-3: "Healthy Habitat" and "Rethink and Reuse"
  • Intermediate Grades 3-6: "earth Smart Choices: Learn to Be Waste-Free", "Garbology", "Habitat Stewardship" and "Recycling Leadership"
  • All Grades: "Environmental Leadership", "Recycling Basics and Beyond" and "Worm Bins and Food Composting"
Contact:  206-583-0655 or workshops@triangleassociates.com

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Secondary Programs

King County Secondary School Programs
"Recycling and Resource Conservation School Programs - Schools can request FREE classroom workshops or assistance with a Green Team project.
Workshops include -
  • Focus on Earth and the Environment: "Biodiversity in Our World", "Biospheres" and "Let's Talk Trash!"
  • Focus on Consumption and Sustainability: "Consumption Junction", "Earth Impact: Overconsumption or Sustainability?" and "Think Twice"
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Education: "Hazardous on the Homefront Workshop" and information on HHW Mini-Grants
  • Environmental Project Support: "Project Support and Green Teams", "Lunchroom Program - What's 4 R Lunch?" and information on Green Team Mini-Grants
King County Hazardous Waste School Programs
Attend a teacher training workshop on household hazardous waste and receive materials, project assistance and follow-up classroom presentations.

Contact: 206-583-0665

King County Green Schools Program
This 3-level program provides schools with tools and support needed to initiate and expand conservation practices, operate environmentally efficient and responsible facilities and involve the whole school community in environmental stewardship.

Contact: Dale Alekel 206-296-8457 or Dale.Alekel@kingcounty.gov

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Additional School Programs

Washington Green Schools Program
Washington Green Schools is a voluntary, web-based program your school can use to reduce its environmental and carbon footprint. This program provides resources and tools to involve your school community in assessing the current status of your campus and taking action in the following categories: Energy Efficiency, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Toxics Reduction & Indoor Air Quality, Transportation & Indoor Air Quality and Water Quality & Conservation.

Puget Sound Energy - Cool School Challenge
Cool School Challenge engages school communities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and provides teacher Program Implementation Training / Student. Team Project (Grades 7 - 12).

King County Heroes at School Program
Get recognition for your school's environmental accomplishments. Fill out a nomination form beginning in January of each year.
Alliance for Climate Education
ACE is a national nonprofit dedicated to educating America's high school students about the science behind climate change and inspiring them to do something about it—while having fun along the way.

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Educational Resources

King County – Programs for Educators Directory This annual guide for King County educators highlights the latest programs, materials, and funding sources available from the county through its various agencies.

Facing the Future 
A non-profit, offers sustainability and global issues curriculum, professional development, service learning and FREE K-12 lessons.

King County Solid Waste Field Trips 
Expand your classroom lessons with field trips to the landfill or a transfer station to see first hand where garbage goes when it leaves your home or school, or visit a recycling center.

King County – Waste Reduction & Recycling Videos
Borrow a video to supplement your students’ study of recycling, resource conservation, household hazardous waste, composting or other environmental topics. Submit your request online.

King County – Recycle More Media Campaign
Ever wonder what happens to your recyclables after they are picked up? Watch a short video on the “Recycle More. It’s Easy To Do.” website to find out.

King County – Quizzes, Games & Fun Facts
How well do your students know: The Four R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink? What’s garbage, what’s not, and where does it all go? The dangers posed by some everyday products to your health and the environment? How to recognize a hazardous product? Help your students find out what they know and what they need to know about garbage, recycling and hazardous waste by taking quizzes.

Department of Ecology Kids Page 
Ecology's solid waste and recycling web page for kids - This interactive website is designed to teach you about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and solid waste management (or how we take care of our garbage).
King County - Family Fun, It’s Easy Being Green
King County shows kids, parents and educators many simple ways for families to make environmentally smart and healthy choices. This page offers resources, games, fun facts, tricks and tips for you to reduce your carbon footprint and green up your ride, home and garden.

Digital Washington
Recycle Forward is an innovative approach to getting new technology for your classroom by recycling used electronics and ink cartridges for cash. Digital Wish has joined forces with Cartridges for Kids (CFK), an electronics recycling company that has worked specifically with schools since 1999, helping fundraise over 13 million dollars for education and other causes.

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