Groundwater Model Project

GW Model 2017


The Wellhead Protection Program is working on a project to replace the groundwater model developed in 1997 for the Redmond Alluvial Aquifer. The primary objectives of this study are to build a groundwater model that can be used to evaluate re-delineation of current Wellhead Protection Zones and evaluate risks for a variety of potential threats using best available science.

Redmond's Aquifer System Video

Groundwater Model Project

The project was approved by Council and began in June 2015. The work is broken into three phases:

Phase I – Data collection: includes conceptual hydrogeologic model development, model planning, and data gaps analysis.

Phase II – Model Construction: includes 3-dimensional numerical model development, calibration of the 3-dimensional model, and model validation.

Phase III – Predictive Modeling: includes analyzing aquifer impacts in four predictive modeling scenarios categories

  1. Wellhead Protection Zone delineation
  2. Water Quality Risk
  3. Long-term Water Availability
  4. Temporary Construction Dewatering


Contact:  Amanda Balzer - 425-556-2753