Neighborhood Drainage Improvement Program

Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are necessary to alleviate problems caused by existing development, as well as to prevent future problems that could result from planned development. Every year there are many small projects in existing neighborhoods identified. In order to ensure that these smaller projects are addressed in a timely manner, a separate budget has been set up specifically for small "neighborhood" drainage projects. To qualify as a neighborhood drainage project the following criteria must be met:

  • Problem impacts residential customers
  • Solution cost is less than $40,000
  • Problem is a result of inadequate public stormwater collection or conveyance systems, or involves public right-of-way

Projects that do not meet all three requirements are included in the Environmental & Utility Services Division's Capital Improvement Program, if qualified, and are ranked along with all other stormwater and natural resource projects.

This plan presents a master list of needed neighborhood projects including both funded and unfunded projects. Only projects that provide a public benefit or are a public responsibility are included. This program does not include projects that are routine maintenance, or private responsibility. Projects listed in this document, when constructed, are intended to meet the goals of the Stormwater Utility, the Environmental & Utility Services Division, the Public Works Department and the City of Redmond.

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