Private Drainage Inspection
The City inspects stormwater facilities to ensure they continue to function/comply with design and construction standards. Since owners of stormwater facilities typically receive a discounted stormwater utility fee, it is to the property owner's advantage to maintain them. Noncompliance could result in the owner losing this discount and/or being fined.


In accordance with Federal regulations, Redmond enforces municipal environmental codes dealing with the stormwater pollution/illicit discharges to the City's surface and ground waters. Staff members work with businesses in a cooperative effort to reduce pollution and bring operations into compliance.

The City of Redmond has been inspecting industrial, commercial, manufacturing, multi-family, apartments and condos since 1996. At this time we are inspecting every site bi-annually.

Starting in 2010, the City of Redmond will begin inspecting private plats and short plats as required by the Department of Ecology NPDES Phase II requirements.

To learn more about maintaining your stormwater facilities, please review the following:

Maintaining Your Private Stormwater System (pamphlet)
RMC-13.06 Code
2005 DOE Stormwater Maintenance Requirements
Vendor List - Drainage Maintenance Service Firms
Vactor Tracking Form
Maintenance Program Completion Checklist

: 425-556-2701 or 
                425-556-2865, Joe Capis, Surface Water Inspector

(The above pamphlet is in PDF format. Obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)