Regional Facilities

Regional Stormwater Facilities Plan

The City is working hard to improve the quality of the water flowing from city streets into the Sammamish River, Lake Sammamish, and our streams. One of the major tools toward completing this overhaul of the City's stormwater infrastructure is the use of regional stormwater facilities.

To provide better protection for the environment and comply with federal and state laws, the City recently adopted a federal permit for discharge of stormwater. Conditions of this permit require the City to enhance efforts to clean the stormwater before it gets to the groundwater, river, lake, and streams.

These requirements have become more challenging with each passing year, and the cost of constructing and maintaining these facilities is rising rapidly. As such, the City is taking forward-thinking steps to build facilities that will treat this stormwater for years to come.

The City's Regional Stormwater Facilities Plan is an effort to use regional stormwater facilities to meet the City's water quality goals, support new development that is required by the Growth Management Act, and do so in a cost effective manner.

The City is working closely with the Washington State Department of Ecology to develop a plan for constructing regional facilities that complies with the City's permit and the state's stormwater management guidance manual. The City is making rapid progress in the construction of these regional facilities, funded by the stormwater CIP with support from developers and state grants. Documentation of the City's program, Ecology support, and the progress of the various identified projects is below.


Regional Stormwater Facilities Plan - February 5, 2010
Proposed Regional Facilities Map - February 5, 2010
Ecology Letter of Support - RSFP - February 23, 2010
Regional Capital Facilities Charges - July 2018