Protecting the Quality

Actions You Can Take

Whatever goes into our storm drains goes untreated into our lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Report spills and dumping into storm drains: 
Spill Hotline: 425-556-2868

We can protect our environment by:

Pet Waste  

Pet waste is a health risk to dogs and people, especially children. Dog feces is full of bacteria like Giardia and E. coli that can make people sick.

When it rains, pet waste is washed into our storm drains where it's carried to the nearest stream, making the water unsafe.

What to do with Pet Waste

Do: Scoop it, bag it, and trash it at home and in public, as seen on Dog Doogity. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors to scoop the poop.

Don't: Walk away and leave pet waste on public or private property. Don't bag it and then leave the bag along a trail or public space.


Volunteering to Protect the Environment

Some Informational Resources

Some Stormwater Outreach and Education Resources