Salmon in Redmond
Back in the late 1800’s, Redmond was called “Salmonberg,” and local lore states that people used to fish for salmon in the Sammamish Slough (because at this time the river was a slough) using a garden rake to get them out of the river. The number of salmon returning to spawn in the streams in and near Redmond has greatly decreased since this time.

Although not as abundant as in years past, we still have salmon swimming up the Sammamish River on their way to their spawning grounds in Bear Creek and, to the Issaquah Fish Hatchery! 

Each fall we see three types of salmon swim past downtown Redmond: sockeye, Chinook, and coho.

The Puget Sound Chinook Salmon is a Federally Listed Threatened Species protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

Fish Monitoring and Viewing

Want to see salmon? The following links offer some places in and near our City that provide a good look at adult spawning salmon.

More Salmon Related Information

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