Urban Forests

Green Redmond Partnershipline

The City of Redmond, the volunteer community and Forterra are in partnership to help make Redmond’s vision of a sustainable, healthy forest a reality.  Get involved in the effort by checking out the volunteer opportunities.

The Green Redmond Partnership goal is to build a sustainable network of healthy urban greenspace for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations by bringing 1,035 acres of Redmond’s forested parkland into active management over the next 20 years. Although this is an ambitious task, it is crucial for the health of our forested parklands and our city, and it is only possible with the help of an engaged and empowered community.


Redmond’s forested parklands face the same kinds of pressures and problems as many urban forests, including fragmentation of greenspaces, an invasive-dominated understory that inhibits native species from regenerating, a declining tree canopy and inadequate resources for natural-area management and restoration.

These pressures diminish the benefits provided by these valuable urban forests, such as reduced stormwater runoff, improved water and air quality, attractive communities and increased property values, greenhouse gas reduction, habitat for native wildlife, and improved quality of life. 

The vision is a city with invasive-free, sustainable, forested parklands. Redmond’s urban forest will be supported by an aware and engaged community in which individuals, neighborhoods, nonprofits, businesses and City government all work together to protect and maintain their valuable public resources.