Lakes, Rivers & Streams
Clean air, natural surroundings, clear lakes and streams are all critical to preserving Redmond's natural resources and maintaining our high quality of life. Redmond has actively worked to meet lake and stream water quality standards that insure our water is: Safe for human contact, healthy for fish and animals, compliant with state water quality regulations, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Environmental & Utility Services Division monitors our water quality, designs and implements stream improvements and stabilization projects through the Stormwater Utility funds. The ever-growing public demand to maintain high water quality standards, and regulations in the Clean Water Act Regulations and the endangered species listing of the Chinook salmon, requires an extensive monitoring of our city's lakes and streams.

To learn more about the effects of urbanization on stream ecosystems across the United States, please refer to a recent study completed by the US Geological Survey on the response of streams ecosystems at USGS National Water-Quality Assessment Program.

If you would like more information on the quality of Redmond's lakes and streams:

Sammamish River

Current & Recent Projects

Keller Farm - Wetland Mitigation