Flood Protection Information

What can I do to reduce flood hazards at home?

If you live near a stream, river or lake, you should:

Determine whether you live in a flood prone area.  The City has paper copies of current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), the official map of a community on which FEMA has delineated both the special hazard areas and the risk premium zones applicable to the community.  You can view FIRMs by visiting the Development Services Center on the second floor of Redmond City Hall.

For the proposed FIRMs, you may:

Prepare for flooding.  Visit the National Flood Insurance Program website for specific information on how to prepare for a flood, what to do during a flood, and what to do after a flood.

Consider purchasing flood insurance.  The National Flood Insurance Program website provides helpful information on flood insurance.

Take steps to flood proof your home or business.

Additional Resources to Prepare for a Flood
National Safety Council - Emergency Preparedness
American Red Cross - Emergency Preparedness

How do I sign up for flood warning information?

The City offers emergency alerts of flooding in the form of emails, text, pager, or voicemails, based on your preference. King County also offers emergency alerts of broader and regional scale via similar communication options. To register for emergency alerts visit:  City of Redmond Disaster Preparedness
The City's All Hazards Plan includes helpful information about flood preparedness. Please visit our disaster preparedness flood pages or view the All Hazards Plan information. 

Where can I get real-time stage data for the Sammamish River? 

King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks provide “real-time” (within minutes) stage and flow data for the Sammamish River. You can download the data from King County’s website:  Sammamish River Stage and Flow Data

What is the King County Flood Control District?

If you pay property taxes in Redmond, you pay an assessment that funds the King County Flood Control District. The district is a junior tax district with assessment authority over all lands in King County. The King County Flood Control District website includes information on regional flooding issues, warnings and alerts, preliminary (not approved by FEMA) 2013 flood plain maps, flood reduction grants, and much more.

King County Flood Control District

How do I report a flood problem?

Emergencies:          425-556-2800 or 425-556-2500
Non-Emergencies:  425-556-2701 or info@redmond.gov