2014 Draft ADA Transition Plan
In 2010-11, the U.S. Department of Justice updated Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) relating specifically to the accessibility of state and local government programs and services. To reflect these changes, as well as the accessibility improvements that have been made to City facilities and infrastructure, the City of Redmond updated its ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan.

According to the ADA, local governments must develop a transition plan describing how it will ensure its facilities, services, programs and activities are accessible. The transition plan:
  • Identifies physical barriers that limit the accessibility of its programs or activities to individuals with disabilities.
  • Describes the methods that will be used to remove the barriers.
  • Provides an estimated schedule for taking the steps necessary to achieve compliance.
  • Identifies the city official responsible for implementation and provides information on how to file a grievance or complaint.
The City of Redmond has updated its transition plan several times since the ADA became law in 1992 to reflect changes to its properties and programs.

The City of Redmond will be conducting access audits and a transition plan for the City’s 47 parks and 39 miles of trails in the Summer of 2018. The audits will identify and catalog obstacles that limit accessibility to park facilities and programs. The transition plan detail methods that make that feature accessible and develop cost estimates for each of the recommendation. The transition plan will create a timeline and prioritization for the improvements. This effort will also look at the policies and programs to ensure that all programs are accessible.

The work will kick off with audits in May and June of 2018 and the draft transition plan later in the summer. There will be opportunities for public engagement after completion of the access audits and again after the draft transition plan is completed.

Alternate Formats
The draft plan is available in alternate formats, such as Braille and audio recordings, at no charge. To request an alternate format, please contact the City's ADA Coordinator at the email address or telephone number listed above.


Development of the ADA Title II Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan - 2014 DRAFT

Attachment A        2014 Self-Evaluation Survey

Attachment B        Seattle Mayor's Executive Order-ADA Confirmation and 

Attachment C        Policy & Procedure for Grievance Under ADA

Attachment D        Notice of Program & Service Accessibility

Attachment E        City of Redmond Resolution: ADA Transition Plan 
                           Sidewalks/Curb Ramps
Attachment F        Customer Service Request for Barrier Removal

Attachment G        Design Exception Approval Form for Curb Ramps

Attachment H        ADA Title II Summer 2013 Curb Ramp Data Capture

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