Redmond's Statistics

General Information

Incorporated December 31, 1912
Area 16.56 square miles
Elevation 50 feet at City Hall
Annual Mean Temperature 52.8°F
Average Annual Precipitation 35.50 inches
Population in 1960 1,426
Population in 2016 60,560
Retail Sales Tax 10 percent (last updated July 2018)


Adopted City Budget for 2017/2018 $679.5 million

Number of City Employees

Authorized for 2017/2018 671.61 full-time equivalents

Fire Protection

Number of Uniformed Personnel 169
Number of Stations 7
Number of 2017 calls for service 11,358

Police Protection

Number of Commissioned Officers 85
Number of 2017 calls for service 28,706


Miles of Developed Trails 59
Total Acres of Park and Trail Open Space 1,351


Miles of paved road (includes state routes) 184.9
Number of traffic signals 107

Public Schools

Redmond is served primarily by the Lake Washington School District #414. (Only schools within the city limits of Redmond are included below.)

Number of schools in the city limits 9
Elementary 6
Middle School 2
High School 1
Number of students in city limits 6,659 (as of 1/2014)
Elementary students 3,035
Middle School Students 1,645
High School Students 1,888
Stella Schola Students 91 (6th-8th)


Number of Active Business Licenses 5,963 (as of 2016)
Estimated Employment 87,272* (as of 2016)

*Puget Sound Regional Council estimated employment for Redmond for 2016. "This series consists of employment for those firms, organizations and individuals whose employees are covered by the Washington Unemployment Insurance Act. Covered employment excludes self-employed workers, proprietors, CEOs, etc., and other non-insured workers. Typically, covered employment has represented 85-90% of total employment. The employment data represents the number of jobs during March of the given year. Note that this includes part-time and temporary employment, and if a worker holds more than one job, each job would appear in the database."
- Puget Sound Regional Council