Innovative Housing Review Panel

The Innovative Housing Demonstration Program expired on August 23, 2013.

The Innovative Housing Review Panel meets as needed to review projects submitted under Redmond's Innovative Housing Demonstration Program. The Panel evaluates proposals according to the goals of the Innovative Housing Ordinance, which include increasing variety of housing choices, demonstrating superb design compatible with surrounding single-family neighborhoods, improving housing affordability options, and contributing to a sense of community.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings take place as projects come forward for review, typically at 7 pm at City Hall. Meeting notices are mailed to property owners within 500 feet of a proposal, posted on the web, and advertised on RCTV.

Information: Innovative Housing program home page 
Contact: Sarah Stiteler at 425-556-2469


The panel seats are currently not filled. 

The distribution is:
Design Review Board - 2  
Neighborhood Representative
Planning Commission - 1 plus alternate 
Technical Committee
Youth Advocate