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In addition to the annual series of Downtown Historic Walking Tours, sponsored by the Redmond Historical Society, below are activities to learn more about Redmond's heritage and to challenge your knowledge.

2018 Archaeology Day and Archaeology Fair  Friday, April 27

At 5:00 pm join the 2018 keynote speaker, Jenny Dellert for the next discussion of the Bear Creek site and its archaeology.  Ms. Dellert is an archaeologist with Environmental Science Associates (ESA). She will highlight the information learned from Bear Creek and discuss how Bear Creek fits into a broader context of other sites in Redmond and in Western Washington.

Ms. Dellert will present new information including the special aspects of this area and share an understanding of how and why people lived here.  She describes Redmond as a crossroads for the region – a place where pre-contact people accessed a variety of environments including the lake, rivers, mountains, Puget Sound, and other nearby groups for trade and socioeconomics. 

Setting the stage for the Tesla STEM Archaeology Fair portion of the evening, Ms. Dellert will also discuss technological aspects of the archaeology toolkit including C14 dating, obsidian sourcing, faunal and shell speciation, geoarchaeology, and career paths.

At 6:00 pm, several students from the Lake Washington School District Tesla STEM High School will present their research regarding the Bear Creek site, tribal culture and history including topics such as traditional food systems, pre-contact travel patterns, and the importance of animals.

2018 Archaeology Day and Tesla STEM Archaeology Fair

At Redmond City Hall, 15670 NE 85th Street, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Event Schedule:

  • 5:00 pm - Mayor's Opening - City Council Chambers
  • 5:10 pm - Keynote Presentation
  • 6:00 pm - Tesla STEM Archaeology Fair - City Hall Conference Center
To learn more about the Bear Creek site, visit the project website.

Welcome Tesla STEM Students - Bear Creek Cultural Resource Interns

The City welcomed 10 interns from the Lake Washington School District's Tesla STEM high school on  October 4, 2017.  The students researched and met with specialist regarding the stories, culture, and science of the Bear Creek 2008 archaeological discovery.  Following several weeks of learning, the students developed and presented research projects reflecting their learning, considerations, and career interests at the 2018 Archaeology Day event and a special Archaeological Fair.

Thank You to Louis Norred -- Eagle Scout for the 2017 Winfred Wallace Photography Exhibit

Louis Norred's 2017 Eagle Scout Project:  Winfred Wallace - Redmond PhotographerMr. Norred developed and exhibited his Eagle Scout project celebrating the significant contributions of Winfred Wallace.  The exhibit featured Wallace's photographs and offered an understanding the formation and pattern of Redmond’s first business core and the transition of the City from a settlement to incorporation in 1912.  

Winfred Wallace was a Redmond resident and is buried in the Old Redmond Pioneer Cemetery.  And in summarizing his work, Mr. Norred said, "Making this exhibit was a great Eagle Scout project. I never realized how detailed local history is and how little of it I know. It was cool to work with so many City of Redmond employees and to understand the process of making a project with others. Everybody I worked with was hugely helpful and inspirational. It feels good to take pride in my city and spread this love of local heritage with others."

For his research and work, Norred received his Eagle Scout Badge with Boy Scout Troop 577, part of the Sammamish Trails District, Chief Seattle Council.

View a digital archive of the exhibit (large file size, pdf)

Please contact Kimberly Dietz or Jessica Rubenacker for additional information.

Specially Requested Walking Tours - Information and Requirements

Leary Way 2003Specially requested walking tours of Redmond's historic Downtown with narration and storytelling by Tom Hitzroth are available by request.  The following considerations and requirements should be addressed in advance:

  • Tours are available during April through September
  • Rain cancels tours - back up dates are suggested
  • Tours include a significant amount of walking and standing on hard surfaces.  Appropriate shoes are strongly recommended.
  • To help ensure participants’ safety, youth organizations such as Scouts must have a ratio of at least:

    One parent/teacher to every two children under age of 12
    One parent/teacher to every six youth between 12 and 18

    This ratio is the minimum acceptable for participation in a tour and is not a guarantee of participants’ safety. Organizations are encouraged to consider their own safety needs and to provide additional parent or teacher supervision where the organization deems appropriate. 
  • Special activities may be arranged for schools and other youth organizations.  Please contact staff at least one month in advance to discuss opportunities.

Contact Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415 for additional information and to schedule your special walking tour of historic Downtown.

A Redmond History Challenge

Redmond History Challenge imageThis fact-finding and knowledge-testing activity was primarily designed for local Scout troops' interest in the City's 1912-2012 Centennial.  Many resources were used to create this challenge and may help you determine the answers:

Check your answers with Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415.

Monthly Meetings and Saturday Speaker Series with Redmond Historical Society

Norman's Saloon on Gilman StreetJoin the Redmond Historical Society at their seven general meetings during the year, (January-April, and then September-November). The meetings take place on the second Saturday of each month, 10:30 a.m.-noon, at the Redmond Senior Center.  Every meeting includes a presentation regarding an aspect of Redmond or Eastside history.  Additional information is provided at and by calling 425-885-2919.

Columbia by Washington State Historical Society

Washington State History Society and MuseumLearn more about Washington History as well as activities for you and your family at

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