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Municipal Code 
Council Rules of Procedure
City Ordinances 
City Resolutions 
Interlocal Agreements 
Hearing Examiner Schedule, Agendas, Decisions and Recommendations Current-2010, Archives

Development Documents

Civil Drawings 
Permits We Issue
Permit Forms Index

Economic Development

OneRedmond Business Plan (TIPS report)
Redmond NextGen Action Plan (Angelou report)


2017/2018 Budget
Budget and Report Information
Comprehensive Annual Financial Documents
Redmond User Fee Report - Final


Redmond Fire Permit applications
Redmond Fire Permit details
Redmond Fire Standards


Comprehensive Plan
Establishes City's future vision and policy direction

Zoning Code 
Zoning Code and Land Use Regulations 
(click here for zoning regulations in effect through April 15, 2011) 

Capital Investment Strategy

2014 Progress Report

Planning + budgeting tool used to bridge 6-year
financial considerations with City's 2030 land use vision (15MB file)

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)
The Redmond Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is an element of the City's Comprehensive Plan, and is the document that guides Redmond’s transportation investment and activities

Public Works Documents

Bicycle Facilities Design Manual 
Guidelines for Landscaping with Composted-Amended Soil
Illumination Design Manual
Roundabout Design Manual (updated June 2013)
Standard Specifications and Details - 2018
Standard Specifications and Details - 2017
Standard Specifications and Details - 2016
Standard Specifications and Details - 2015
Standard Specifications and Details - 2014
Standard Specifications and Details - 2013
Standard Specifications and Details - 2012
Standard Specifications and Details - 2011
Standard Specifications and Details - 2010
Stormwater Management Program Plan - 2011 (SWMP)
Stormwater Technical Notebook - 2019
Stormwater Technical Notebook - 2017(A) (March 1, 2017)
Stormwater Technical Notebook - 2017 (January 1, 2017)
Stormwater Technical Notebook - 2012
Stormwater Technical Notebook (2007)
Traffic Signal Design Manual 
Vertical Benchmark Information Locations of Vertical Control Benchmarks 
Water Quality Report
Water & Wastewater System Design Requirements
Work Zone Traffic Control Manual