Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

This is the official annual financial report prepared by the City. The report conforms to required accounting and reporting standards and is audited each year by the Washington State Auditor's Office. The report includes all activities that are controlled by, or dependent on, the City.

Washington State Auditor's Accountability Audit Report

Washington State Auditor's Official Report

Monthly Financial Report

The City adopts a biennial budget which is reflected in a Monthly Financial Report. This report provides accountability by the city to the Council and community.  It focuses on the larger operating funds of the City.  A summary of all City funds is provided on the last page of the report.  The Public Administration and Finance Committee of the City Council reviews this report at each monthly meeting.

Quarterly Financial Report

The full City Council reviews the city's financial condition each quarter (typically at the 2nd business meeting following the end of a quarter).  This report is prepared in a presentation format and provides additional analysis of economic trends, city programs performance and other elements not found in the monthly report.

City "Checkbook"

The City recently began sharing information through an "open data" portal (  Included in this portal is the city's check register.  You can view the data in a number of ways using the tools available on the portal.  Also included are the city's credit card transactions (purchasing card transactions).

Quarterly Investment Profile Summary

The City invests temporarily idle cash in accordance with council direction as described in the city’s Investment Policy.  The priorities identified in the policy are (in order) the safety of principal, liquidity so that cash is available to meet needs and maximizing the rate of return.  The investments are managed consistent with oversight provided by the Investment Committee.  The Quarterly Investment Profile is a snapshot of the quarterly statistics for the city’s portfolio as of the last quarter.  Questions about the city’s investments and cash management program can be directed to Kelley Wood, Treasury Manager.

Investment Policy
Quarterly Investment Profile Summary Report

Debt Manual

The Debt Manual provides information on the City’s outstanding debt, authority to   issue debt and the policies and procedures that guide the City in the debt issuance process. Included in the Manual are listings of current outstanding debt, maturity schedules, policies and other miscellaneous information regarding the City’s debt position.

Debt Manual

Long Range Financial Strategy

The City Council sets the policy framework for future city budgets through its "Long Range Financial Strategy" (LRFS).  The LRFS was first developed in 2005 and helped the council analyze and determine how to best meet the community's needs given the various resource options available. 

Council reviewed and updated the LRFS in February of 2018.
Long Range Financial Strategy" (LRFS)