Housing Choices

A Place to Call Home

Redmond citizens value a variety of housing options for those that call Redmond home.  Several ways that Redmond promotes choice in home types are through its Cottage Housing regulations, through allowing and encouraging accessory dwelling units, residential suites and backyard homes.


In 2002, the City adopted cottage housing regulations to provide a new housing choice in Redmond. A cottage is a single-family home of no more than 1,500 square feet. Cottages include small yards, but are also situated around a community open space, which functions as an extended yard, recreation area, and community gathering space. At Redmond’s Conover Commons, parking is provided either behind, below, or apart from the cottages themselves, allowing the front yards to serve as places for living.

In Redmond, cottages are built in groups of four to twelve homes, except where otherwise allowed by neighborhood regulations.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Also called mother-in-law apartments, or simply “ADUs,” these homes are secondary to an existing home and are allowed in all of Redmond’s residential zones. In most cases, ADUs are limited to 1500 square feet; they may be attached to, or detached from, the existing home.

Backyard Homes (Small Lot Short Plats)

A backyard home is a single-family detached unit that does not exceed 1,500 square feet and that is affordable to an individual or family earning less than 120% of the area median income. These homes are allowed in the Education Hill neighborhood on single-family lots that are at least 200% of the minimum average lot size, or about 15% less land than would otherwise be required to subdivide a lot. See RZC 21.08.170E.2.a.ii for more information.