Standard Maps
This extensive collection of map products are available for public use and download. Although all efforts are made to keep the maps updated, please keep in mind that a map is only as current as the date it was produced.
Below is a list of available maps by category. All maps are in Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). Download free Acrobat Reader if necessary. Please note that some of the maps may take a while to download or display due to large file sizes and your Internet connection speed.


Bike lanes and trails - biking suitability, uphill grades and multi-use surfaces

Redmond Bicycling Guide 

Bus Routes

Transit routes and connections


City Streets

Directions to City Hall

Municipal Driving Directions

Detailed street map

City Street

Location of historic street signs

Historic Street Sign Locations

Snow plow routes

Snow and Ice Response


Erosion hazard areas, based upon slopes and soils.

Erosion Hazard Areas

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas including known Native Growth Protection Easements, Open Space Easements, and Transfer of Development Rights restricted lands.

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas

Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) 100 year floodplain and floodway.

Frequently Flooded Areas

Approximate land cover in 1850, prior to any significant development

Historical Land Cover

General location of landslide hazard areas. These areas are potentially subject to significant or severe risks of landslides due to a combination of factors.

Landslide Hazard Areas

General location of seismic hazard areas.

Seismic Hazard Areas

Shoreline Environment Designation per the City's adopted Shoreline Master Program.

Shoreline Environments

Class designations for all streams.

Stream Classifications

Watersheds as defined by the Natural Resources Division of Public Works. The map takes into account natural topography and the storm drain network.


General location of wetlands.


Final groundwater protection zones.

Wellhead Protection Zones


Zoning designations


Comprehensive Plan designations.

Comprehensive Land Use


Neighborhood locations


Public Safety

Fire station response areas.

Fire Station Map

Trails and Parks

Trail network at Farrel-McWhirter and the Watershed Preserve.

Farrel-McWhirter and Watershed Preserve Trail

Redmond parks and facilities guide provides locations, directions and amenities.

Parks: Facility and Program Sites


Average weekday daily traffic volumes for arterial streets in Redmond.

Average Weekday Daily Traffic (AWDT) Count

Planned transportation improvements in the next six years.

TIP Project Locations

Standard Maps