Miscellaneous Use Permit

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  • Used to permit activities in Redmond Parks that are outside the normal recreational use, and are not Special Events open to the public (see Special Event Permit)
  • Examples of activities taking place in Parks for which a miscellaneous use permit may be required include: activities in which profit is derived, educational and scientific projects, commercial photography and filming (application requires a different permit and additional conditions or fees may apply), large group gatherings, tournaments  

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Fees and Charges
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  • Processing Fee: A non-refundable $25 fee is required once tentative approval is received for event. If the applicant cancels the event, the applicant will forfeit the deposit. If the City cancels the event, the fee will be fully refunded.
  • Park/Facility Use Fee: $45 per hour (Residents or Non-Residents)
  • Overtime Staffing Fee: If park operations staff must work during weekends or evenings, an overtime staffing fee of $75 per hour may be applied. 
  • Minimum Rental: 2-hour minimum rental required

Certificate of Insurance
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A Certificate of Insurance with endorsements may be required at $2M general liability showing the City as additionally insured.

More Information
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For more information call 425-556-2336 or email eventpermit@redmond.gov .