Community Gardens

Community Gardens

In 2010, Redmond started its first public community garden at Juel Park. This park is a natural fit for a garden, as it was the old Juel family farmstead.  The Parks and Recreation Department staff built plots and offered shed space for garden users.  In 2011, more garden space was added to accommodate additional gardeners. Garden plots are available for rent through the Recreation Guide in January.

Community gardens could be developed in other parts of the City on public or private property in coordination with interested community groups. If you are interested in developing a community garden on privately-maintained, community property such as a commonly owned and maintained tract within your subdivision, it is advisable to consider the following site criteria from the American Community Gardening Association. City staff can also be a resource. In this case, your neighborhood group may qualify for a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant. If your group has questions, feel free to contact the City Neighborhood Planner about site selection or the City Parks Department Operations Supervisor about public site development considerations.

The following links are useful tools for public community gardens:
American Community Gardening Association
Neighborhood Matching Fund

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Juel Community Park
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If you would like to speak with the Program Administrator for the Juel Park Community Garden, contact Cindy Johnson at
or call 425-556-2393.