152nd Ave NE Main Street

Location:  152nd Ave NE between NE 20th St and future Overlake Village Light Rail Station
Project Phase: Design
Timeline:  2030
Contact: Don Cairns, Engineering Manager, 425-556-2834, dcairns@redmond.gov

The Overlake Neighborhood Plan calls for the transformation of 152nd Ave NE into a pedestrian-oriented retail main street for Overlake Village. In its ultimate configuration 152nd Ave NE will feature wide sidewalks, planting areas, street parking, protected bicycle lanes called cycle tracks, one travel lane in each direction, and a center turn lane. The result will be much-improved aesthetics and an enhanced environment for walking, bicycling, and shopping.

Preliminary design for the segment of 152nd Ave NE between NE 24th St and the 2600 block was completed in 2016. The final design and right-of-way acquisition phase for that segment is expected to begin in late 2016.

These improvements are expected to unfold over a number of years as property owners make frontage improvements and the City makes capital investments to the street.

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