South Village Park
Park Walk Example

Location: Along west side of future Da Vinci (151st) Ave NE between NE 20th St and future NE Alhazen (22nd) St.
Project Phase: Planning
Timeline: TBD; Construction by 2030
Contact: Carolyn Hope, Parks Planning Manager, 425-556-2313, cjhope@redmond.gov

The South Village Park is one of two future parks in Overlake Village that will be built on top of regional stormwater vaults. This park is planned to be about two acres in size. There is no master plan for the park yet, so its specific amenities are undetermined. Concepts considered for this and other Overlake Village parks are “refuge,” “green” and “plaza.”

The south park site has been characterized primarily as a significant open space amongst the cityscape. Within the green are pockets of passive uses such as perennial gardens, p-patches or rain gardens, and more active areas for kicking a soccer ball, throwing a Frisbee, picnicking, playing a game of chess, shooting hoops, or swinging at the play area. The urban flavor reaches into the park at the Plaza, which serves as a transition or mixing zone between on- and off-site activities. It is the hub of community events that spill out across the green or into the pedestrian street. Tucked along the edge of the park, the refuge is a quieter zone that provides relief from the urban scene for individuals or small groups.

For more information see the June 2010 Overlake Village Stormwater and Park Facilities Conceptual Design Implementation Plan, figure 4-18.

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