East Link Light Rail
Sound Transit Light Rail Picture Courtesy of Sound Transit

Light Rail is Coming to Overlake


Project Phase: Construction
Timeline: Construction and testing through 2023; light rail targeted to open in 2023
Contact and project information: East Link construction page and 24-hour construction hotline: 888-298-2395

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Overlake Transit Center Park & Ride Closed for Construction

The park & ride at the Overlake Transit Center (OTC) is closed for construction of East Link light rail. Transit continues to serve the area so you will be able to take a bus to this location and transfer. Sound Transit has leased new park & ride locations for commuters. Go Redmond can help you find alternative locations to park or a different way to commute to work throughout the closure.

Recent Activities

  • All drilled shafts, concrete columns & caps for the light rail guideway are completed. The contractor continues to set girders and place the deck. By the mid-March 2019, Kiewit Hoffman expects to have all the guideway girders set.
  • Soil nail wall installation, track wall, pole foundations, and the communications duct are complete between Overlake Village and Redmond Technology Station. Kiewit Hoffman is expected to start placing sub-ballast rock on this at-grade section by the end of the year.
  • The Redmond Technology Station garage construction is underway, and the first deck pour was recently completed.
  • A new City sewer main in 156th Ave NE between NE 36th and NE 38th is nearing completion after four weeks of night work.
  • The Overlake Village Pedestrian bridge has started construction. The SR520 bike path has been detoured around the bridge abutment. Both bridge abutments and the center pier in SR520 are currently being constructed, and concrete is being placed.

Throughout the project, tree removal will be necessary to accommodate utilities, roads, operations related facilities, maintenance, future transit-oriented development, the safety of passengers and the light rail. The City of Redmond direction given to Sound Transit during the permit process is to protect all trees where possible, with on-site replacement being the top priority.
For more information on how we work to protect trees, check here.

East Link Overview

Sound Transit's East Link light rail extension project is bringing high-quality rail transit to Redmond with service starting at two stations in Overlake in 2023: Overlake Village (SR 520 at 152nd Ave NE) and Redmond Technology Station (SR 520 at NE 40th St). Once the project is complete, travelers from the Redmond Technology Station will enjoy 10-minute trips to Downtown Bellevue and 30-minute trips to Downtown Seattle on tracks separated from automobile traffic.

When East Link light rail opens in 2023 there will be multiple ways to access the stations, including:

  • Walking and biking: Redmond stations include pedestrian-bicycle bridges over SR 520 to help people conveniently access the stations, including using the 520 Trail
  • Transit: bus transit will be restructured in advance of light rail opening to make it easier to access East Link
  • Getting a ride: both stations in Redmond will have pick-up and drop-off areas
  • Vehicle parking: vehicle parking will be available at the Redmond Technology Station, Bel-Red/130th station and South Bellevue station. In addition, the Overlake Park-and-Ride on 152nd Ave NE is located about a six-minute walk from the Overlake Village station.
East link route map (Image credit: Sound Transit)


For more information about East Link, visit the East Link construction page and the Overlake Village and Redmond Technology Center station pages.

City's Role in Light Rail

Coordination with Sound Transit

The City of Redmond is coordinating closely with Sound Transit during design and construction of light rail. Sound Transit is leading community outreach efforts in coordination with the City. Since much of the light rail line is being built within the SR 520 corridor, Sound Transit will also be working with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Transit-oriented Development

The Overlake Neighborhood Plan calls for the transformation of the Overlake Village area to a vibrant and walkable urban village with jobs, housing, and retail. Transit-oriented development, including over 1,000 new homes, ground-level retail, and a 274-room hotel, are now in design, under construction, or complete within a half-mile of the future Overlake Village light rail station.

Extending Light Rail to Southeast Redmond and Downtown Redmond

Preliminary design for the extension of light rail to Southeast Redmond and Downtown Redmond is underway and will continue through mid-2018. This extension is targeted to open in 2024. Find out more at Redmond.gov/LightRailExtension.



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