Pavement Marking Repairs
Maintaining pavement markings (e.g., directional or speed indicators, crosswalks and stop bars) helps improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles. There are 454 crosswalks, 515 stop bars and 2,959 pavement symbols in the City of Redmond. Thermoplastic is used to mark the symbols on the pavement.

Approximately 15% of the thermoplastic needs to be replaced each year due to heavy traffic and wear. The remaining 85% of markings are on a 5 year replacement cycle.

Information About Thermoplastic Markings

Quantity of Thermoplastic Markings- City Wide

Total Number of Pavement Symbols - City Wide 2,959
Total Square Footage of Pavement Symbols - City Wide (20.5sf per symbol) 60,660
Total Square Footage of Crosswalks - City Wide 55,547
Total Square Footage of Stop Bars - City Wide 22,131
Total Square Footage of All Thermoplastic Markings - City Wide 138,338

Thermoplastic Replacement to Establish 5 Year Replacement Cycle

Square Footage To Replace Annually (School Zones, High Traffic Areas) - 15% of total 20,751
Square Footage To Replace Once Every Five Years - Remaining 85% of total 117,587
Square Footage of Remaining Total To Replace Every Year (1/5th of markings not replaced annually) 23,517
Total Square Footage of Thermoplastic Markings To Replace Every Year To Achieve a Five Year Replacement Cycle With 15% Replaced Annually          44,268

Marking Condition Rating Examples

Pavement Markings


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