Wastewater Pump Station 13 Replacement

Vicinity Map

Location: 176th Ave NE, near Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Project Phase: Design

Estimated Timeline: Currently in Design phase with construction expected in 2020

Contact: Mike Haley, 425-556-2843

Page Last Updated: 10/04/18

Wastewater Pump Station 13 was built in 1985 to provide wastewater conveyance for a large area of the Marymoor Business Park. In 2017 the Marymoor Business Park was rezoned from light industrial to a combination of multi-family and commercial in anticipation of the arrival of Sound Transit's Light Link Rail. Given the age of the station and the new zoning which requires the pump station system to be capable of pumping 2,000 gallons per minute peak flow, the existing needs to be replaced.