Marymoor Village

Redmond’s community evolution is successfully weaving the small town feel of older, established neighborhoods with the energy and vitality of Redmond’s two main urban centers, Downtown and Overlake. We are now planning for the next stage of transformation in SE Redmond- known as Marymoor Village.

Marymoor Village is currently a diverse mosaic of manufacturing, education, distribution industrial, and religious uses. Although Marymoor Village is not envisioned to become an urban center like Downtown and Overlake, it will begin to feature additional and more diverse uses and buildings than currently present. Much like a small urban village, the area already offers many options but needs to prepare for a light rail station and accompanying interest in transit-oriented development.

Marymoor Village Topics

  • Vision

    The vision is for Marymoor Village to be a more walkable place that features opportunities for nearby living, employment, gathering, education, shopping, and rapid transit connections to Redmond and central Puget Sound.

    The future light rail station is a large part of the Marymoor Village vision. The station will be at grade and located adjacent to Marymoor Park and SR-520 near the west end of NE 70th St, close to multiple regional trails. In keeping with Redmond’s focus for a neighborhood feel, the city is working with Sound Transit to accommodate the 1,400 planned parking stalls in two separate garages in order to reduce the scale of the parking structures. For more information on the future of light rail in Redmond, visit or

  • Develop and Do Business

    Marymoor Village will continue to support long-standing businesses. Over time it will welcome additional retail and service businesses, especially near the light rail station. Housing will be available in mixed-use developments and in some townhomes edging pedestrian streets and Marymoor Park. Developers will be encouraged through zoning incentives to build plazas and parks. The City also requires that a portion of all new housing be affordable.

  • Proximity to Seattle

    Access to Marymoor Village

  • Contact

    For Marymoor Village questions, please contact Kim Dietz, Senior Planner at 425-556-2415 or

Marymoor Village Map & Projects