Know Your Hazards

Know what to prepare for

Washington State experiences significant impacts from natural hazards including floods, storms, wildland fires, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  Beyond natural hazards, there are technological hazards, including nuclear power plant incidents, chemical weapon stockpiles, dam failures, and hazardous material spills. All of these require assessment and determination by state, county, and city officials in order to organize resources so loss can be prevented or minimized.

Flooding is the most prevalent natural hazard facing Washington residents.  Learn about flooding and other natural hazards likely to occur in our region.

floods  Floods and Redmond Environment - Flood Protection and Redmond Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan

Earthquakes  Earthquakes

Severe StormsSevere Storms, Winter Storms & Extreme Cold

Land Slide  Landslides

atural Gas and Gasoline PipelinesNatural Gas Safety 
See also the Pipelines Hazard Profile section of the Washington State Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan

earthquakes Volcanic Activity