About Us
When citizens think of a police department, they often think of patrol cars and officers because they are the most public figures.  However, our department is made up of commissioned and non-commissioned personnel who strive to make our community safer every day:

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Patrol officers provide emergency police services within the city of Redmond 24-hours a day, every day. They respond to crimes in progress, criminal investigations and other emergency and non-emergency events. These officers are the most visible in the community and are assigned to one of four patrol districts in the city.

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Traffic officers provide technical collision investigation, selective enforcement, traffic control, DUI enforcement and traffic safety education.

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The K-9 Unit is a sub-unit of the Patrol Division and responds to calls related to alarms, prowls, robberies, and when a suspect is present and/or has fled. This Unit is a specialized team that locates suspects, evidence, and narcotics, not just for Redmond, but throughout King County.

Emergency Response Teams

Emergency Response Teams are specially trained units for specific situations. They are not full-time positions; training is in addition to regular job responsibilities.

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The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team is an on-call unit trained for the most potentially serious incidents such as highly volatile situations, arrests of violent suspects, hostage situations, barricaded persons, and hazardous search warrants. The team provides a highly trained response force which emphasizes teamwork, safety, and precision. 


Crisis Negotiation
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The Crisis Negotiation Team is an on-call unit used to communicate with barricaded persons, hostage takers, mentally unstable individuals, and protest or activist groups. Both the SWAT and CNT teams work in partnership towards a peaceful outcome.

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The Investigation Division consists of detectives whose primary responsibilities include the investigation of felony crimes and certain misdemeanor crimes. This consists of developing additional leads in an investigation, preparation and service of search warrants, surveillance, preparation of suspect composites, gathering and processing evidence, recovery of stolen property, arresting of suspects, and preparation of cases for presentation in court.

Crime Analysis
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Crime analysts conduct research and analyze crime statistics for use in planning law enforcement activities and track crime patterns and trends. They publish crime maps and law enforcement bulletins on crimes of interest, wanted persons, and officer safety issues. They promote the exchange of crime information among regional law enforcement agencies.

Family Violence
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The Family Violence Unit investigates spousal abuse, child abuse, and dangerous child behavior. This unit collaborates with community partners to intervene and stop the cycle family violence, support victims of domestic violence, and ensure at-risk youth and their families are immediately referred for a community-based needs assessment.

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The Pro-Act Unit conducts undercover investigations to build cases against recidivist criminals who commit crimes related to auto theft, car prowl, burglary, and financial fraud. They assist with investigating serious crimes as needed to protect the community.

Support Services

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The Communications Unit operates out of the Dispatch Center, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 on leap year!). Dispatchers are responsible for receiving, screening, and prioritizing calls for service and orchestrating the appropriate response in an efficient and coordinated manner. This includes radio communication, telephone communication, computer and teletype communication, TTY communication, alarm monitoring, building access, and enhanced 911 system equipment.

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The Records staff is responsible for records maintenance, processing documents, and communicating with the public. This includes processing case reports and citations, preparing documents for the prosecutor and court, and responding to requests from outside agencies and the public. Records personnel provide customer assistance for the public who visit the Public Safety Building. They coordinate and facilitate the authorization of Concealed Pistol Licenses, authorization of Gun Transfers, monthly statistical reports to the State, and public record dissemination.

Administrative Services

Recruitment and Training
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The Recruitment and Training Division is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training, and record keeping of all commissioned and non-commissioned positions. Training curriculum is reviewed and modified to ensure that training is accomplished consistent with laws, public policy, agency accreditation, advisory bodies, and the department's mission.

Redmond Police Department is seeking lateral and entry-level applicants. Entry-level applicants: see www.publicsafetytesting.com; lateral applicants: see www.govjobstoday.com. For more information, please contact our Recruiting & Hiring Unit at PoliceHiring@redmond.gov.

Community Engagement
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The Community Engagement Division coordinates School Resource Officers, Volunteers and all crime prevention material, programs, and classes and media relations.  This team also works closely with the Block Watch Captain program.