Chicken Husbandry

Chicken Husbandry

HensOn December 6, 2011, Redmond's City Council adopted ordinances 2638 (Redmond Comprehensive Plan), 2639 (Redmond Zoning Code), and 2640 (Redmond Municipal Code) thereby expanding the keeping of domestic chickens (hens and pullets) on single-family, residential properties.  This amendment to Redmond's city codes started as a community conversation in 2010.  The City Council included this process in the City's periodic amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.  As a result, portions of the Plan as well as the Zoning Code and Municipal Code were amended to address backyard chicken husbandry.  The Municipal Code now includes a mandatory no-fee registration.  Please review the following to learn more about chicken husbandry in Redmond.

Raising chickens in Redmond

If you live in a single-family zone (RA-5 through R-6) you can raise chickens - consistent with Redmond's policies and codes.  The few R-8 zones are excluded from this allowance because of their smaller lot size and higher built-density.  Multi-family, urban centers, and business areas are also excluded. 

The maximum number of chickens (female, hens and pullets) is dependent upon the underlying zoning designation.  A no-fee registration must be completed in advance of acquiring chickens. 

First, check your property's underlying zoning here...

Staff is also available to help you determine your property's underlying zoning designation: 
And, then match to the maximum number of chickens allowed by zoning designation:

R-8 zone        -        0 maximum chickens
R-6 zone        -        4 maximum chickens
R-5 zone        -        6 maximum chickens
R-4 zone        -        7 maximum chickens
R-3 zone        -        8 maximum chickens
R-1 and
R-2 zone        -        10 maximum chickens
RIN zone        -        Please contact staff

Getting started with chicken husbandry

Many resources are available to help you learn more about chicken husbandry and about best land and animal management practices:

Municipal Code

Regional Animal
Services of
King County
WSU Extension
Poultry Resources
4-H of
King County
Keep It Simple Farm 


Requirements regarding chickens

Redmond requires a no-fee registration for properties engaging in chicken husbandry.  The registration is required for each respective property in advance of chickens being on the site. 

Informational Brochure - a helpful, printable form describing requirements related to chicken husbandry

Registration Form - print, read entire form, complete, then provide to City as described on form

Sample Site Layout - a simple sketch depicting placement of a chicken coop and run


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