Frequently Asked Questions about
Disabled & Abandoned Vehicles

My neighbor has a vehicle sitting in his driveway with license tabs that expired over a year ago.  Is this legal?  Does the vehicle need updated tabs?

If the vehicle is parked on the street, Police can have it impounded if the tabs are over 45 days expired. If the vehicle is not disabled and is parked on private property, then the owner does not need new tabs until he/she intends to operate it on the street.   

What about a disabled vehicle? Another neighbor has a broken down truck that has been parked in his side yard for over six months. Can he just leave it there?

No, he can't. Once a disabled vehicle is reported to the City, we give the owner 30 days to repair it, remove it, or enclose it (for example, keep it in the garage). Fines may be levied if the owner fails to comply.

What does the City do about abandoned vehicles?

If a vehicle appears to be abandoned, the City first tries to trace its owner and determine if it is operable. If an owner can be found, he is told to remove the vehicle from where it is parked. If no owner is found, the City will work with the owner of the property on which it has been left to have it removed.