Parks & Recreation

Park Facilities and Environment

Your donation will go towards ensuring the long term sustainability of the City's park system. Park facilities continuously age and wear out. They need to be replaced on a regular basis. The parks and open spaces would also benefit from your donation by adding resources for planting, replacing, and enhancing the natural environment. This includes flowers, trees, shrubs, and other landscaping materials. Facilities (picnic table, park bench, play equipment) $50 to $1,000 Environment (flowers, tree, shrubs) $50 to $1,000 Binoculars $250

Farrel-McWhirter Farm and Riding Club

The Farrel-McWhirter Farm and Riding Club provides a unique and valuable experience for the Redmond Community with a year-round public farm and equestrian programs. Our Riding Club is an organized group of kids 12-16 years old that learn valuable horse skills while developing lifelong characteristics of responsibility, leadership, and self confidence while providing public volunteer service for the farm programs. Your donation would greatly enhance our operation.

3-4 horse trailer for transporting animals $10,000 to $12,000
3 large Adult English saddles $500 Each
Small storage shed for arena equipment  $3,000
Adaptive Eastern WA grain alfalfa or Timothy Hay $800 per month
4 Wheel Carriage and Harness $
4 Youth Western Saddles $500 Each

Adaptive Recreation Individual Scholarships

Scholarship Program: Help provide recreation opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities by supporting the Redmond Parks and Recreation Department's scholarship program. This scholarship program supports recreational opportunities for Sports, Socials, Outings, Classes, Arts, and Day Camps. $100 each

Sports and Fitness Programs

Building a stronger, more fit Redmond is top priority for the Sports and Fitness team at Redmond Parks and Recreation! Your donation will assist us in our efforts to build and diversify our program offerings for our community.
Gym Scoreboard (Community Center) $10,000
Youth Health/Fitness Scholarships (each) $75

Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center

Rich in history, the Old Redmond Schoolhouse offers a unique old-world charm for all activities. Built in 1922, the two-story red brick schoolhouse has been a focus of community activities for 85 years. During its first half century, the school was the gathering place for holiday programs, dances, theatrical productions, annual carnivals, and special events. Help us keep the tradition alive.

Sound Equipment for Gym $15,000
Public Computer Stations (Internet Café) $4,000 to $6,000
Scholarships for Programs and Classes $100 to $500
Sports Equipment, Art Supplies, Kitchen Supplies $100 to $500
Audio/Visual Equipment $1,000
Presentation Supplies: Podiums, microphones, mic stands, etc. $100 to $500
















How to Donate:

Sharon Sato
Recreation Department Coordinator