Human Services

Human Services

The City provides funding support to local non-profit organizations to help ensure that Redmond residents can access assistance they may need to both survive and thrive. This may include help with food, shelter, utility bills, medical or dental care, legal issues, counseling, employment, learning to speak and read English, affordable child care, or linkage to other services not listed here. Many of these programs are here in Redmond, while others are located nearby.


In addition, staff participate in a variety of regional (King County) and sub-regional (East King County) policy and working groups addressing a wide range of human service related issues.  In this way, we ensure that Redmond is an active and vocal partner in working to identify and develop more efficient and effective approaches to meeting the needs of our residents.


How are Human Services Funded?

The City of Redmond  aims to ensure that all its residents - including those with low income - can get needed human services.  to do that, Redmond uses some of its local tax money to fund certain programs, carefully selected through a competitive process.  In return, the programs offer services that are affordable (low cost, adjusted according to income, or free) and accessible. Programs typically receive support from the City for two calendar years.  Every other spring (2012,2014, and so on), the City accepts proposals from agencies seeking funding support in the next biennium.  The Human Services Commission is responsible for evaluating program applications and making recommendations to the City Council regarding which agencies and programs to support.  The overall fund is ultimately included as part of the city budget adoption process.

Redmond's investments in human services are heavily leveraged by support from other significant funders including federal and state programs, King County government, the United Way of King County and a number of local foundations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Seattle Foundation.

What is the Human Services Commission?

The Human Services Commission is a seven-member, mayor appointed/council confirmed volunteer board.  Commissioners are required to either live or work with the city limits.  The commission is responsible for advising the Mayor and Council on general issues related to human services, and for making specific funding recommendations as described above.  For more information on the Human Services Commission, please visit that web page.

More information:

For more information about human services, please click the links below, or contact staff at:     
Brooke Buckingham  425-556- 2416;    
Alaric Bien  425-556-2458,

Human Services Strategic Plan (PDF format)
Read more about the strategic directions that will guide the City's work and vision for human services.

Human service agencies and programs currently supported by the City of Redmond are listed on our Directory of Human Services.  For a complete list of all King County health and human services, go to 2-1-1 Community Resources Online
King County residents can now use this single, easy-to-use phone number to get information on health and human services.  By dialing 2-1-1, you will reach Crisis Clinic's 2-1-1 Community Information Line staff who can refer you to the agencies best able to meet your needs.

    Call 2-1-1 or 206-461-3200
    800-621-4636 (Toll free)
    206-461-3410 (TDD)

Affordable housing is addressed in part through A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH), a partnership of East King County Cities that have joined together to assist with preserving and increasing the supply of housing for low- and moderate-income households in the region.

The City of Redmond is an active participant in the Eastside Human Services Forum which fosters strong public and private partnerships to assure a stable network of health and human services for the benefit of all East King County residents.