Keep Pets Safe

Tips to Keep Your Pet Stress-free this Halloween

Pet Costumes – Costumes can be cute but also stressful for pets. Don’t dress up your pet unless he is comfortable being the center of attention.

Trick or Treat Candy – All candy poses safety hazards for your pet. Chocolate (or candy with caffeine) are dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Keep all candy away from your pet.

Trick or Treating – Do not bring your pet along trick or treating. Even the best trained dogs can become spooked or aggressive in the confusion of Halloween. Keep all pets (even outdoor ones) inside, locked away from the noise and open door. If you have a black cat, keep him inside for several days around Halloween to minimize the risk from pranks or other cruelty-related incidents.

Decorations – Avoid hazardous decorations such as flaming jack-o-lanterns and candles that can burn your pet. Don’t put streamers or ribbons around your pet’s neck as they are often ingested and may cause intestinal obstruction.

Safe Return – Make sure you license your pet so if he does escape from the house or become lost, he can be safely returned home.

         Dog in costume
        Not the happiest of dogs!

        A well-dressed pet 
        today wears a pet license...