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Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Neighborhood Transportation Connections Maps


The proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment would update and add further definition of proposed locations for transportation improvements in portions of SE Redmond, Bear Creek, NE Rose Hill, and N. Redmond neighborhoods. Project locations are conceptual in nature and serve as a guide to staff, developers, residents, and other interested parties as Redmond continues to develop strong connections within the community through new streets, bikes and pedestrian trails. This link describes the proposed changes to the Transportation Connections Maps in four Redmond neighborhoods.

Check the Planning Commission's Topic Under Review page for more information and the Extended Agenda for upcoming meetings related to this topic, including a public hearing at Planning Commission meeting currently anticipated in May 2018.

Proposed Amendments to Comprehensive Plan Neighborhood Transportation Connection Maps

Marymoor Subarea Planning

Marymoor Subarea MapMarymoor Subarea Vision

A walkable, denser subarea that features opportunities for living, employment, community gathering, education, shopping, and traveling to other Redmond and central Puget Sound destinations

Council Adopts Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code Amendments

As a follow-up to the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood Plan adoption, the City completed three related efforts to implement the vision and policies for the Marymoor Subarea.

  • Transition strategy:
    The South Marymoor Subarea Committee met during 2015 and 2016 to develop a recommended land use transition strategy for the area south of NE 65th Street that maintains the economic viability of existing and future manufacturing uses. The Committee recommended a "Marymoor Expanded Use Zone" that continues to permit existing uses while also allowing mixed-use and multifamily uses.  Read the South Marymoor Subarea Committee Report and Report Exhibits.
  • Infrastructure plan:
    City staff developed an infrastructure plan with input from the community and a stakeholder group to plan public infrastructure needed to serve planned growth. View the adopted infrastructure plan.
  • Comprehensive Plan policies and Zoning Code regulations:
    The City Council adopted a package of Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code amendments on June 6, 2017 that is consistent with the South Marymoor Subarea Committee's preferred strategy, incorporates draft infrastructure plan results, and otherwise provides a zoning framework that advances policies in the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood Plan. Click to view the amendments as adopted by the City Council.

Preferred Land Use Transition Strategy

In January 2016 the South Marymoor Subarea Committee shared a preliminary preferred transition strategy at a neighborhood workshop. Based on input at the workshop, an online questionnaire, and additional community engagement the Committee has agreed on a preferred strategy that has five key factors.

  1. Expands allowed uses such that multifamily homes, where allowed, are built when the market demands them while not making existing uses non-conforming
  2. Maintains reasonable investment thresholds that, when crossed, would trigger compliance with site and design standards, such as setbacks and building design, that are consistent with the vision
  3. Timing that allows the land use transition to occur according to market conditions and does not establish timing triggers that would create non-conforming uses or otherwise require uses to change on a pre-determined schedule, especially considering the challenges of redeveloping areas covered by binding site plans
  4. Uses development incentives to encourage the transition and achieve public goods such as affordable housing and public parks or plazas
  5. Compatibility that ensures that new uses accommodate the operations of manufacturing parks uses through site design for compatibility and by requiring notice to prospective residents that the subarea has active manufacturing activities and is adjacent to a regional park with loud events

Southeast Redmond Neighborhood Plan Adopted

The City Council adopted the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood Plan on October 21, 2014. To learn more about the plan, you can read the following:

For additional history of the plan update process, you can also read the Planning Commission's report. Please contact the project planners (contact information on right of page) for additional information and to learn more about the updated policies and codes.

About the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood

An overview of SE RedmondThe Southeast Redmond neighborhood is bounded generally on the west by Marymoor Park and the terminus of SR 520, on the south and east by the City limit, and on the north by Evans Creek and Bear Creek.

Land uses in Southeast Redmond vary, including business park in the north, industry and retail in the western portion, and moderate-density residential in the eastern and southern parts of the neighborhood.

View a map of Southeast Redmond.



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