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Overhead Electronic Message Signs

An overhead electronic message board is an electronic sign often used on roadways to give travelers information. Such signs warn of traffic congestion, crashes, incidents, roadwork zones or speed limits, or provide travel times.  

With the Downtown Two-way Street Conversion project, Redmond installed overhead electronic message signs along Redmond Way. These signs are controlled from City Hall and can display traffic-related information such as current or planned road closures or major events.

The boards automatically display current travel times through downtown along three parallel routes:

  • via Redmond Way
  • via Cleveland Street
  • via Bear Creek Parkway

Times are posted only when one route offers a clear advantage over another, or when all three routes are extremely slow.


Lane Closed


City Street Map

Commuting Incentives

Go Redmond provides commute incentives and resources for people using alternative modes of transportation to get to work. 

High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) are located along State Route 520 as well as at the entry ramps to the freeway.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming



A modern roundabout is a circular intersection where traffic flows around a center island. Roundabouts are not traffic circles or the older-style rotary traffic islands found in some East Coast and European cities. Since vehicles entering the roundabout are required to yield to traffic in the circle, more vehicles can move through the intersection with less delay. The unique one-way design of roundabouts also accommodates the turning radius of large vehicles, like semi-trucks and buses.

Visit these pages on the website to learn more about roundabouts and how they work. 

Snow and Ice Routes

This map shows the routes used when snow and ice conditions are wide spread in a weather event.

Traffic Cameras

Redmond Traffic Cameras
WSDOT Seattle Area

Traffic Counts

Traffic Counts