School Zones & Crosswalks
Encouraging traffic to move safely approaching schools and school crosswalks is an important part of what we do in the Public Works Department.

Slow Down

Throughout the city we have installed sophisticated equipment to help calm traffic near schools and help pedestrians more safely negotiate school crosswalks. Each year, in late August, the school district finalizes their calendar and schedule for each school within the city. That’s when our Public Works, Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program Coordinator, jumps into action to update the programming that is uploaded to each of our interactive 20- MPH school zone speed limit locations.

Most of these 23 units include an interactive radar driver feedback sign to remind drivers when they are detected by radar as exceeding the active speed limit, and amber beacons to notify drivers when the 20-MPH speed limit is active. The programming task can be complex - complicated by an assortment of underlying speed limits, a variety of start and stop times, and a mixture of holidays, vacation days, early release, and teacher/parent conference days, that can change each year.

It requires building a wide range of schedules that try and build maximum safety (20 MPH) during the times when most children are walking to and from school, while also seeking to keep traffic moving, by minimizing the duration of periods in which the travelling public is delayed by a lower speed limit.

Staff goes out to each unit to clean signs, replace burned out beacons, and trim back any significant vegetation. City maintenance staff also add orange flags to school crosswalk signs each Fall to remind the motoring public that school is about to start – so be aware of pedestrian activity.

While technology, signs, markings and flags all make a critical contribution to traffic safety, we must never forget that it is the careful attention shown by drivers and pedestrians that is paramount to ensuring safety in school zones!

The City of Redmond encourages children to walk to school. Our SchoolPool Program is a great way to participate. Learn more about the program on the city website:  Redmond SchoolPool