Redmond offers many opportunities to walk. There are many trails,  sidewalks and walking paths to walk along, whether for fun, exercise or simply to get from place to place.

Whether walking around one of Redmond’s two urban centers, Downtown and Overlake, or in a neighborhood, Redmond’s walking maps offer many choices to encourage you to put one foot in front of another.


Redmond Walking Map East

Redmond Walking Map West

Accommodations for Disabilities

The City of Redmond wants to ensure that programs and facilities are accessible to all residents in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

People with disabilities can request accommodation or accessibility by going online to the Report an Issue pages.

Your request will be received and reviewed by the City of Redmond's ADA Coordinator, who will respond to the requester within 15 business days, or prior to the program or event where accommodation/accessibility is needed.

To reach the City's ADA Coordinator, call Customer Services at 425-556-2900.


Redmond’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee helps enhance Redmond’s non-motorized transportation system to better enable people to safely and efficiently move about the community by foot and bicycle. 

Walk to work and around town! 
Go Redmond provides incentives for people using alternative modes of transportation to get to work.  

Safety on Urban Trails
Share the Trail is full of suggested guidelines for using Redmond's urban trails.  Whether you walk, bike, or skate, this brochure will tell you about best behavior and safe practices when sharing the trail with may users.

Traffic Concerns
Please visit the issue webpage to report a traffic concern.

Share the Trail Brochure