Redmond Community Connections

The Redmond Loop Shuttle Service ended on December 28, 2018.

A group is being formed called the Redmond Community Connections Working Group to determine how the LOOP should be replaced. Please see the 1/15/19 Press Release: Stakeholders Needed for Redmond Community Connections Project.

Outcomes and Goals:

Have 3-5 community members from the Downtown, Education Hill, and Southeast Redmond neighborhoods participate in a 6 month working group led by King County Metro.

Target Audience:

Members of the public interested in participating in a working group to evaluate potential new alternative transit service in Downtown, Education Hill, and Southeast Redmond.

Necessary Project Details:

King County Metro and the City of Redmond are forming a working group to improve transportation options for residents in Redmond, specifically in the area north of SR-520.

The working group, which will be comprised of key stakeholders and community advocates, will collaborate with Metro and City staff to offer guidance on defining local needs and deriving a set of potential transportation solutions. The group will meet at four times (for approximately two hours each meeting), with the first meeting tentatively planned for early 2019. We are planning to have these meetings in Redmond.

If you are interested in having your voice heard in this stakeholder group, the first step is to complete an online application form. Please complete this brief application by January 29. We will review applications and select members to represent a diversity of perspectives in the project area. We will follow-up with all applicants to share selection status. If there is someone else from your organization you would like to attend on your behalf, feel free to forward this invitation to them.