Bridge Repair
The goal of the Bridge Repair Program is to preserve and maintain the City's bridges in good and safe condition while meeting State and Federal requirements.

Leary Way Bridge

There are 37 bridges inside Redmond's city limits, 18 of which are owned and maintained by the City.  Other agencies are responsible for the remaining 19.  For instance, the new NE 36 Street Bridge belongs to the State, but the City of Redmond is responsible for resurfacing the pavement and maintaining the landscape.  An example of a privately-owned bridge is the pedestrian walkway over Center Court in Redmond Town Center.

Take a look at an article about Redmond's York Bridge published in the Winter 2012 issue of the Aspire Concrete Bridge Magazine.  This is a quarterly publication from the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Center Court Bridge

The City's bridges are inspected every two years.  Bridges that may be vulnerable to erosion are inspected more frequently.  Bridge maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis.  One of the more common bridge maintenance tasks is removing graffiti.  Redmond residents are encouraged to report graffiti so it can be painted over right away.

York Bridge

For more information about bridges in Redmond, contact Tricia Thomson, Bridge Repair Program Manager, at or at