Targeted Safety Improvement
Transportation programs encompass many projects and activities that are executed with a plan under which the projects/activities advance a purpose or goal. Transportation programs are on-going, they are part of the 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program (6-Year TIP) and they support the Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

Motor vehicle traffic collisions have more far-reaching effects than just on those individuals who are directly involved. The economic consequences to society as a whole can equal tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity, medical costs, and personal problems such as substance abuse or depression that can follow serious crash-related injuries.

The mission of the City of Redmond's Targeted Safety Improvement Program is to identify existing and potential traffic safety problem areas and implement projects to reduce crashes, injuries, deaths, and their related losses through pro-active collision prevention, reactive collision response, and multi-modal safety consistent with the TMP.

Program Description
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The Targeted Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) carries out the policy direction in the TMP, and is an item in the 3-Year Priority Action Plan. The key elements of the program help to identify existing and potential traffic safety problem areas and implement projects to reduce traffic collisions using proactive and reactive strategies. TSIP uses a systematic method to clearly identify, evaluate, and recommend safety projects that will be of benefit to the Redmond community.

Project Selection
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Projects considered for TSIP funding come from several sources:
  • High accident locations identified through the City's Collision Reporting System
  • Traffic requests recorded in the traffic request database that is managed in Public Works/Transportation Services
  • Requests made via the City's Traffic Safety Committee
  • Unfunded or underfunded 6-Year TIP project
  • Unfunded or underfunded Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program projects
  • City staff-identified traffic safety needs based on future land development

Once the list of potential projects is assembled, each project is ranked individually using a matrix to evaluate risk (assigns values to the level of severity of the collision and the likelihood of its reoccurrence) and project complexity/cost (assigns values to how complex a project is to complete and to dollar ranges of cost to implement).
On December 9, 2014, staff updated the City Council on TSIP projects, and asked for direction on projects proposed for the 2015-2016 biennium. This Council Study Session provides an overview of the program, a listing of previously approved TSIP Projects, and a listing of proposed projects for 2015-2016:

Study Session on Targeted Safety Improvement Program (TSIP)
Map of 2015-2016 TSIP Proposed Projects (ranked)

The recently completed Avondale Road Corridor Plan is now available.

Contact:  Tricia Thomson, Project Manager