Pavement Management

All About Pavement Management

The Pavement Management Program preserves and maintains Redmond's pavement infrastructure in good condition, striving to sustain an average pavement score above 80 out of a possible 100.  Pavement ratings range from 0 to 100 (100 is brand new pavement) and are used to quantify a pavement's overall performance and help manage the pavement network.  Redmond's average pavement score is 77.

street resurface

Redmond has 143 centerline miles of pavement - 89 miles are in residential areas, 54 miles are collectors and arterial streets.  Every two to three years the City conducts a pavement condition rating survey to determine where resurfacing is needed.  On average, the City resurfaces about three miles of pavement a year at a cost of about $300,000 a mile.  When selecting streets to resurface each year, segments are grouped together to create a continuous paving area rather than just selecting the worst segments scattered randomly throughout the City.

Resurfacing takes four phases to complete.  Sidewalk ramps, curbs and storm drains are improved during the first phase.  The second phase is grinding and repairing the existing asphalt surface.  Phase three is a hot asphalt overlay with about a two hour waiting period for the asphalt to dry and harden before the street is reopened to traffic. Phase four can be puzzling to the casual observer.  To provide a smooth surface, the paving machine must run in a continuous, uninterrupted path.  Manholes and valves are paved over with the road surface.  Afterwards, cuts are made into the new asphalt so manhole castings can be raised level with the surface and the asphalt is patched.  It is at this cut and patch point that people think something has gone wrong with the paving process, but it is a normal part of street resurfacing work in progress.

If you'd like more information about Redmond's Pavement Management Program, contact Tricia Thomson, Pavement Management Program Manager, at or at 425-556-2776.

If you find a pothole in need of repair, call 425-556-2821 or send an email to  Please include the precise location for the quickest response.