Signs and Markings

Drivers are speeding on my street. Can I get a STOP sign installed?
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The City of Redmond does not install STOP signs for the purpose of controlling traffic speed. STOP signs are used at locations where a failure to assign right-of-way could result in an accident, for example at an intersection where sight distance and accident history is a problem. National traffic engineering guidelines outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) states that STOP signs are intended for use where traffic is required to stop.

Because STOP signs cause substantial inconvenience to drivers, they should be used only where warranted. The consequences of placing a STOP sign in an unwarranted location may exceed the benefit. When placed in an inappropriate location they can:

  • breed disrespect for STOP signs in general;
  • cause fast stops and accelerations;
  • give pedestrians and cross-street drivers a false sense of security;
  • antagonize otherwise reasonable drivers.

How can I report a STOP sign that is missing or has been knocked down?
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A STOP sign that is missing, damaged, or obstructed in some way from a driver’s view creates the potential for an extremely hazardous traffic condition and should be reported to the City right away.

Contact:  Redmond Police Dispatch at 425-556-2500

I need a street name sign on my street. How can I get one?
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Contact:  425-556-2752 or

I want a "Children at Play" sign installed in my neighborhood. How can I get one?
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A "Children at Play" sign is usually requested in the hope that it will reduce vehicular speeds and raise awareness for drivers that there are children in the neighborhood. Traffic studies have shown that "Children at Play" signs do not increase driver awareness to the point of reducing pedestrian collisions. In fact, placement of these signs can increase the potential for accidents because the signs convey to children and parents a message of protection which does not exist and cannot be guaranteed.

For this reason, the City of Redmond follows national traffic engineering guidelines outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and does not recognize the sign as an official traffic control device and therefore, discourages its use.

Please note that "Children at Play"  signs installed by residents on public streets will be removed by the City of Redmond.


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