Innovation Partnership Zone

The City of Redmond is proud to be Washington State’s designated Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ) for Interactive Media and the Digital Arts.

The Mission

The mission of the IPZ is to foster a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and supportive interactive media and digital arts business cluster in Redmond specifically, and in the Puget Sound and Washington State more broadly. The IPZ mission is also to enhance Washington’s job creation, economic competitiveness and overall vibrancy and diversity, and to foster innovation, research, workforce development, and company growth in the region.

What is an Innovation Partnership Zone?

An IPZ is a formal designation granted by the Washington State Department of Commerce and is an economic development strategy that promotes unique hubs of innovation, education, expertise, and work force training within close geographic proximity to further job creation and entrepreneurship. IPZ’s actively work with researchers and their private sector partners to: provide internship opportunities for university students, incubate start-up companies, develop critical training programs, and pull technologies through technology transfer. All these efforts bring together the media and digital arts industry and the community to develop new paths to innovation.
Washington has 14 uniquely designated IPZs, with specialties including medical devices, clean marine transportation, alternative energies, semi-conductor and display, viticulture, water management and aerospace, to name a few. The IPZ's reflect the talent, assets, and entrepreneurism of each of their regions.

As a center of excellence and innovation for the technology and digital arts industry, Redmond has been designated as the State’s Innovation Partnership Zone for Interactive Media and Digital Arts.

Strengths of the IPZ

Interactive media is the technology that is the foundation of future advancements in health sciences, education, military training, and homeland security.  It is more than the intellectual property of entertainment, as it has far reaching applications to a myriad of industries.  This industry exhibits key characteristics of an industrial cluster, such as driving innovation, and attracting talent and investment into the regional economy.  This concentration of economic activity provides a deep talent pool and opportunities to cross-pollinate ideas within the industry.

Innovation Partnership Zone Founding Partners

  • City of Redmond
  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • University of Washington, Bothell
  • OneRedmond

How would your company benefit from locating in Redmond’s IPZ?

By locating within Redmond, your company would benefit from access to a high quality, uniquely trained workforce, many opportunities for partnership with key industry leaders with a similar focus, potential funding opportunities and chances to partner with Redmond educators that train your future employees and foster entrepreneurship. For more information on locating your business in Redmond, contact Economic Development at  or 425-556-2448.
The City of Redmond is proud to be a partner with many Innovation businesses and educational institutions.


  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Lake Washington School District
  • University of Washington, Bothell


• 101 Apps
• A Thinking Ape, Inc.
• Algitt Studios, LLC
• Almost Interactive Games
• Amaranth Games, LLC
• Blackballgames, Inc.
• DigiPen Institute of Technology
• Digital Double, LLC
• G.A.E.M.S., Inc.
• Goblinworks, Inc.
• Hipsoft, LLC
• Inner Fence Holdings, Inc.
• Leaping Llama Labs
• Lo And Behold Games, LLC
• Memevector Games, LLC
• Microsoft Corporation
• Mobiclip
• Nexvio, Inc.
• Nintendo of America, Inc.
• Nobodinos
• Noisy Bird Games, LLC
• Paixao Productions, Ltd.
• Paizo Publishing, LLC
• Rocket Bird, LLC
• Siras.Com, Inc.
• Spontaneous Quirk, LLC
• Swift Creek Games, LLC
• Thinkspace
• Tom Kerrigan
• Valcon Games, LLC
• Wild Tangent, Inc.
• Z3d Studios, LLC
• Zachtronics Industries

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