Taxes and Fees

Miscellaneous Taxes

The City of Redmond collects the following taxes as authorized by the Redmond Municipal Code. A description of each tax, as well as a link providing further detail, is provided below.

Occupation and Utility Tax

The Occupation and Utility Tax is levied pursuant to the laws of the State of Washington. See Redmond Municipal Code Chapter 5.44, Occupation Tax, for further information.
Utility Tax Return Form

Admissions Tax

An Admissions Tax is levied upon each person who pays an admissions charge to any specified place. The person, firm, or corporation receiving payment for admissions, on which a tax is levied, shall collect and remit that tax to the City. See Redmond Municipal Code Chapter 3.28, Admissions Tax, for further information. 
Admissions Tax Return Form

Cable Service Tax 

A Cable Service Tax is levied upon each person engaged in or carrying on the business of constructing, operating and maintaining a cable subscriber system or cable modem service for television, radio and other audio-visual electrical signal distribution.  See Redmond Municipal Code Chapter 5.44, Occupation Tax, for further information. 
Cable Service Tax Return Form

Gambling Tax

A Gambling Tax is levied on all persons, associations, and organizations who engage in specified gambling activities. See Redmond Municipal Code Chapter 9.3, Gambling, for further information.
Gambling Tax Return Form

Garbage Collection Tax

A Garbage Collection Tax is levied and shall be collected upon every person engaged in, or carrying on, the business of a garbage collection service. See Redmond Municipal Code Chapter 5.48, Garbage Collection Tax, for further information.

Franchise Fees

Each cable communications system grantee shall pay the City a franchise fee. See Redmond Municipal Code Chapter 5.60, Cable Communications Systems, for information concerning cable franchises and franchise fees.

Local Sales and Use Tax

For information on State of Washington local sales and use tax rates, follow this link.     

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