Dowtown Redmond

164th Ave NE Rechannelization

Location: 164th Ave NE between NE 80th St and NE 87th St
Project Phase:In Design
Estimated Timeline: Design scheduled to be completed in December 2012. Construction expected to begin spring of 2013. Construction is expected to take approximately three months.

Typical Section 164th Ave NE 87th St to NE 80th St

Typical Section 164th Ave NE 80th St to Redmond Way


Revising the channelization on the segment of 164th Ave NE (SR 202) between the intersections at NE 80th St and NE 87th St will provide bike lanes as designated in the Downtown Transportation Master Plan and improve traffic flow through intersections. By using the existing pavement more efficiently the 164th Ave NE Reconfiguration transforms an existing Downtown corridor into a complete street for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. When paired with the 164th Ave NE Extension the 164th Ave NE Reconfiguration creates an new north-south Downtown corridor which seamlessly connects Bella Bottega, Cleveland St and Redmond Town Center.

The proposed channelization revision will reassign the existing pavement width within the confines of existing curbs to provide a single through lane each direction, augmented with a continuous two way left-turn lane with left turn pockets at intersections, and would add bicycle lanes on each side of the street. The revision will improve motorized and non-motorized capacity, improve transit operations, improve the walking environment by increasing the separation between pedestrians and vehicles, and reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Wheelchair ramps at intersections will be rebuilt at NE 80th Street, NE 83rd Street and NE 85th St to improve pedestrian street crossing operations. Traffic signals will be modified at the three project intersections incorporating new flashing yellow arrow left turn phase to improve operation efficiency. New traffic signal heads will be installed at the three project intersections to support the channelization revisions.