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At 1.3 square miles, the majority of Idylwood (Viewpoint) neighborhood was annexed to the City of Redmond in 1964, with two small portions of the northern neighborhood limits annexed in 1977 and 1986.  The area developed mainly between 1967 and 1979.

The last neighborhood plan was adopted specifically for the Idylwood neighborhood in 1995.  The plan contained one policy which added specificity to the citywide policies.  An Overlake neighborhood plan that was adopted in 1999 included the entire neighborhood and presented a few additional policies related to single-family residential properties.  Today's neighborhood plans may contain well over fifty policies, along with associated regulations.  Policies speak to goals and visions that describe the neighborhood residents' point of view and are contained in Redmond's Comprehensive Plan.  Regulations then deal with day to day guidelines for improvements and changes to all aspects of the neighborhood based on the goals and vision, and are contained in Redmond's Community Development Guide.

The Idylwood neighborhood primarily includes residential development in the forms of low-moderate density single-family homes and some higher density multiple-family dwellings along the Sammamish lake front. 

Several parks and open spaces provide recreational opportunities and connect to form fish and wildlife habitat corridors.  Protection easements and undeveloped critical areas combine to preserve the green, natural feeling and scenery that also serves to protect water and air quality as well as a wide variety of aquatic species.

Idlywood Park hosts a rich and varied history, as the site of the Gateway Grove Resort and the LaMontagne House.  Lake Sammamish offers its own history, harkening back to Sammamish Lake, Squak Lake, and Native American settlements along the shorelines.

In addition to residential uses, the neighborhood is also home to the Audubon Elementary School, several churches and private community centers, a portion of Marymoor Park, Idlywood Park, Viewpoint Neighborhood Park, and the Viewpoint Open Space.

Kimberly Dietz 

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