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Interaction Media and Digital Arts IPZ

Recognizing Redmond as a leader in research and high technology, the state Department of Commerce designated Redmond as an Innovation Partnership Zone for Interactive Media and Digital Arts.

The IPZ program has been proven to lead to new technologies, marketable products, company formation, job creation, and other economic opportunities. The City of Redmond partnered with enterpriseSeattle, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond Economic Development Alliance, University of Washington – Bothell, and Digipen Institute of Technology to secure this designation.

As an IPZ for Interactive Media and Digital Arts, Redmond expects to recruit new businesses to the area, leverage the area’s unique combination of opportunities and expertise in the interactive media and digital arts industry, provide a supportive business environment with access to a trained workforce, and support the research and commercialization of technologies related to interactive media and digital arts.

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South Vault Postcard (March 2014)

Jeff Churchill

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