Farrel-McWhirter Farm School

The Farrel-McWhirter Farm School

The Farrel-McWhirter Farm School offers the citizens of Redmond and the Seattle area the opportunity to connect with nature and rediscover our common “roots”. Using beautiful Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park as our classroom, the Farm School endeavors to cultivate a strong, vibrant community through agricultural education for ages two years through adult.

We are currently offering educational and hands-on classes on common livestock animals. Classes are conveniently arranged by age to ensure a fun, but educational experience for all students. Sign-up and get the opportunity to learn more about the FM animal residents and what it takes to responsibly care for their species. Through its programs, the Farm School hopes that students will discover all the wonders and bounty that farming has to offer.

All About Animals Series (2-5 yrs old)

A very special series of classes especially geared for the littlest of farmers! Participants will enjoy exciting classes that will teach them ALL ABOUT the farm animal species. Classes include a 'farm' craft, story and hands-on animal education and encounters.
  • All About Bunnies and Chicks
  • All About Pigs and Goats
  • All About Moo Moos
  • All About Sheep

Barn Yard Basics Series (6-12 yrs old)

A 'farmtastic' series of classes and camps designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of farm life. Participants will learn the basic care and needs of the classic farm animal species that reside at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park.
  • Bunny and Chick Basics
  • Piggy and Goat Basics
  • Moo Basics
  • Sheep Basics
  • Farrel-McWhirter Farm Camp

Livestock 101 Series (13+ yrs)

Have you always wanted Livestock animals? Interested in learning about their care, housing and 'collecting' what these animals can give us? Then the Livestock 101 series is for you. The Farm School will help you immerse into the wonderful world of the farm and pave the way towards a better understanding of farm animals.
  • Rabbits 101
  • Back Yard Chickens 101
  • Goats 101
  • The Micro Pig
  • Cattle 101
  • Sheep 101

Farm School

Program Site:
Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park
(Farm and Nature Park)
19545 NE Redmond Road

Phone: 425-556-2309

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